About The Author

Aspergated Heart is a repository for some of the poetry that I’ve written over the last couple of years. The term “Aspergated” essentially means to be seen through the ‘eyes’ or understanding of someone with Aspergers Syndrome. I am not Sheldon from Big Bang Theory – nor am I Rain Man, lol – but I am ‘somewhere’ on the faintest fringe of what is otherwise referred to as the ‘Autistic Spectrum.’ I have written more of this, elsewhere.

I am a philosophy and religion student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I hope to eventually go to seminary and transition into teaching. My goal is to eventually pursue a doctorate in Systematic Theology. I have strong interest in Puritan theology and Evangelical issues. I am considered very conservative by some – and very liberal by others. I think that this may mean I am doing something right.

I have made some effort to organize my writings, as I have other blogs for shorter and longer personal non-academic writings.

BTW, I make *no* presumptions that *any* of this is even any good – and openly admit that most of it is actually quite cheesy, to just be totally honest. I have been told,  however, that I am not myself that best judge of what is or is not worth reading and/or sharing.

So I will let you be the judge.

My Very Best Regards,

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