Jill’s Poem No. 1



J I L L ‘ S    P O E M    N o .    1




> A clutter of lines from that movie,

represent a life less ordinary

(or so they say)

> mixed with Simpsons lines and worry

(remembering a friend named Cory)

>about the kids are things

that give your life its wings,

> keeping me from remembering to pay bills,

in a war of time, purpose and wills

> the important things in life.

Should never cause such strife

>I have a strange memory and priority list,

I’ve walked long enough to get the gist

> remember these lines:

in these certain times

> “Say baby, can I be your slave?

Is that a question that you raise?

>I’ve got to admit girl,

worth your weight in pearl

> you’re looking good girl,

as flowers in spring unfurl

> and I’m digging you like a grave.

your touch, I need, I crave.



mbl 6/1/01



About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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