How to Become a Really Good Cook




H  O  W

T  O

B  E  C  O  M  E


R  E  A  L  L  Y

G  O  O  D

C  O  O  K



you take a pen

and some paper if you may

take careful notes

watch close

and maybe then

you catch the magic

that there be

in the cook

as she works

in her kitchen

ever busy as a bee


She takes corn

that was robbed from the cob

and stews it slow

as if it were a magic show

and can you see

amid the steam

and in confusion that there be

true magic

and not like on TV



A cu


green as it can be



as A goes through to C

Juicy meats

and other tasty treats

fill us up

(As we engage in gluttony)

oh, what else

there is to see

in the kitchen

of Cory C.


She takes wine

from the vine

a treat yes so divine

along with pork

don’t you know

she’s not a dork

that girl can cook

the smell’s the hook

that gets you going

looking smellin’

to see if it is ready

or if she’s  yellin’

Out! Out! the kitchens mine!

don’t pout

your snout

will see

something good a tastin’ soon

from your itchen little spoon

gayronteed it’l be

from the kitchen of cory C.



Marvel How

the sausage,

is covered



and ask yourself

the question

if you think it be


or is it talent

that you see

hustling in the kitchen

(Don’t you know this meal is B______!)

She’s the Cook

Don’t  you read no goofy book

Just watch and see

maybe your be as good

well see

cuz she’s the one

the only

the girl

Cory C.





About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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