Petals of the Sun








I sing the song of the petals of the sun

a ballad of a heart all come for thee, undone

humbled by thy beauty’s radiance

and staggered by thy love’s contrivance

to seek and hold and touch me here

I am at such a loss – to find a way – to fear

oh, how I might speak back in volume

the touch of majesty and wrapped up in the solemn

integrity that you touch me with

a bow shot out throughout- through with

pierce my soul and bring me to my knees

I beg and cry and know with needs

that speak to more then just what I see and know

captured by the power of your hearts great glow

I am made your servant

your sword made plough

and stand before you

I kneel

I bow

I burn my skin with the fullness of your desire

and I shall emerge as gold through whatever fire

and you will see me set apart from others

and all their idle fantasies as druthers

I will stand and take any test

and hope that you can see my best

as I stand and know the reeling of the hours

as I wait for my chance

to show you

– my – flowers

but I will wait

it’s simply all I can do

and hope that it’s fate’s intent to capture


as I might




-mbl 11/22/09

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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