they come and go

and shuffle like the wind

and blow our lives cross windswept streets

goodness, badness, sin


Me: I don’t get that many

there seldom and far between

the chances for a gal to come my way

are seldom ever seen


Long days and nights

I’ve been alone

wondering when she’d come

as each and every night

in tears

my heart would come undone


I’ve had so few opportunities

for me – only a couple

even as all around me

everyone fell in love

and kissed lips so soft and supple


But I

I’ve only walked alone

and through these cold wet streets

and pondered how far and how long

I’d travel before someone I’d meet


I wondered if she’d be from far away

of if I’d always have known her

and yet even as I thought so much

little else would ever seem to stir


I’ve tried so hard to guard my heart

so many opportunities to sin

and do the things I knew were wrong

not the ways to win


but then one day

I found you here

and to my surprise

you let me in

and I never even had to even try

your heart

– make mine –

to win


I know I’ll never have a chance like this

the game was never mine to play

so I’m putting all my chips down on you

and that’s all I’m gonna say


Baby girl there is nothing wrong

I know it’s not a sin

to do every thing in my own heart

to your own beautiful heart – win


for I’m never gonna have another chance like this

opportunities – they don’t come my way

and if I’m asleep at the switch

I know there will be hell to pay


so that is why you are my focus

and nothing else care I to see

I just want to give you all my heart

and see if we’re supposed to be


supposed to the ones for one another

who’s to say we’re not

I’ll just admit that I’m hopelessly entangled

in your web – I’m surely caught


but in the end you’re everything I’ve dreamed of

girl your all that I’ve ever sought

and to chase after anybody else but you

would surely come to naught


so as I lay alone here

and I gaze at the stars above

and watch them in their celestial mechanics

they each and other shove


I wonder what kind of forces are at work here between us

at their mysteries I gaze in wonder

and marvel at the glues that hold some hearts together

for eternity – never torn asunder


it is in this that I see your true treasure

and so I fight with all my might

and hope that in your eyes you see me

and think for you – I’m right


the tides they come

and the tides they go

with regularity they clock their wash

as others dance their lives away in splendor

glitzy affairs all dressed up with posh


Me – I’m just a simple man

and I’m only after one thing

girl I know that with you I could be happy

I know together we’ll sing


we could sing of lost and found opportunities

the chances that came and went

and how when we met

we knew for certain

just with whom our future’d be spent


For in the end I only needed one opportunity

regadless of how many lost – one battle to win

one chance to make another lonely heart mine

one place to all my hope upon pin


and so I come on bended knee

there’s nothing that I wont do

to try to let you see my heart

and how it feels for you


Oh’ come one all

Oh’ come none nonetheless

I’ve got my chance right here

look inside my heart and see my soul

there’s diamonds behind this tear


I will ever be faithful and glow for no one else

for you – I’ll always be faithful

for in the end you were always here

with me, so loving – so playful


I worried much and for nothing at that

the plan was always in the works

I really had forgotten that trusting God

really does – it has – it’s perks!


For I know that I was made for you

and you – made just for me

two hearts beating just as one

for all




mbl 12/8/09

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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