Oh, Just for Tonight ( A Christmas Love Poem)








( A Christmas Love Poem)



Oh, just for tonight

would you

would you

would you be mine

I promise

I promise

a time so divine


We’ll go dancing

and frolicking

as gay as gay can be

and everyone who passes by

will see us rejoicing so merrily


We’ll go shopping

yes, shopping

at all the fancy stores

and I’ll; buy you clothes like the rich girls

and well smother in such mores.

Oh, I Promise

I promise

I promise

just for tonight

just give me

just give me

the chance

all will be right


We’ll eat at the cities finest

on seven courses we’ll feast

on all manners of fine vegetables

and succulent beasts

and to top it all off

a stretch limo


will carry us hither and yonder

without anyone’s scorn

for cross it’s entire length

I’ll have the best christmas lights

well lite up the block

each time we turn right!

and on the chrome grill

I’lll have a great red ribbon festooned

and all over the hood – toy solders

an entire platoon!


We’ll dash madly all night

but retire with glee

just the two of us together

my firefly and me


I’ll cuddle you closely

and keep you so warm

and wonder if by my hearts rapture

you’ll duelly be charmed

for I know that come morning

all will mean loss

for I am just a simple guy

not rich, I’ve had loss


but I would save for years

yes for years

just one night

if I thought I could

if you would

if I had

just one night

to show you

you’re my everything

my dream

your my world

round you I wish so much

you’d see my love and heart unfurled

But it’s just a dream

yes a dream nonetheless

no sled – just my clunker

but reliable I guess


but still……

Oh, just for tonight

would you

would you

would you be mine

I promise

I promise..

I promise…

a time so divine


mbl 12/11/09

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I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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