I’ll Glow For You









Hey there

what’s the wrong wit’ u?

Girl don’t you know the truth

I’ll always glow for you?


Things can come and things can go

but us

we stay the same

we’re passengers goin’ in the same direction

we’re here on the same train


No one else can speak to me

no one else it’s true

nobody here can make me glow

none else, none else but you


I don’t know what I’d do

if suddenly you’d go

deep inside I’d grow so dark

and nobody would know


how very much I’d really miss you girl

though all the things I’d say

those who know me, would know the truth

I’d be in an awful way


so please don’t go

will you stay right here with me –

I need you every day

I need your energy and your love

without you –

where I’d be

I don’t know if I can say



mbl 12/8/09

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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