High as the Clifts of Dover















Sometimes I wonder

what this is all about

the desire

the fear

the wonder

the doubt

Could I ever be the one

to catch your eye

and lay with you

‘neath a summer sky

and watch the birds as they pass over

high as are the clifts of dover

but still

you are so much a dream to me

the one that got away

– so easily

everyone else’s desire

they’re faster, better then I

you were there-

I blinked

and in a moment’s eye –

– you were gone –

just the memory remained

of how a heart hurt so much

a memory’s timber’s strained

like a ship tossed to and fro in the ocean

pummelled by a stormed savage grip

and it’s ongoing motion

but would there ever be

a way to find a port

to put this all behind me

a way of last resort

and call you to be

by me

oh, my precious dear

please don’t be bound in



and fear

I promise you

I promise you

this much on my life

you are a treasure

on this I’ll stake my life

anybody else could find you

everyone would agree

tis’ I be the one who’s hidden

can you find the reason why

that I’m the one

so often overlooked

can you take the chance

can you take just one look

before you go

before you pass on by

can you ask just one question

can you think just why

look up in the sky

and see God’s creatures there

and wonder if you will

just stop and stare

God sets his plans in motion

anyone can thus see

how man and woman husband and wife

they come to be

nothing is left to such blind devotion

nothing is in the end blind luck

all the pretentions of this life

you can out the door

them swiftly chuck

there is a plan

look hard you’ll see

that the creator of us all

is not so blind to be

anything less then in control of our situation

there is no such thing as random detonation

of situations past and present and what will come to be

everything has a plan

a sense

a motion

can you see?

I know I don’t have to be

anything more then just what I am

I am just me – that’s all I can

I promise my strength

my heart

my devotion

and all those other things

that rhyme with motion!

Oh, please

have faith

just this moment once

and let me touch you

your heart ensconce

for we are but principles

in this grand old beautiful game

we won’t go out as such

as how within we came

Oh, how I tremble

Oh, how I gasp

at the mention of

you, my precious

please last

tears fall

-not the last –

give me

chance me

just one look

open me

read me

I’m an open book

there is no one who

can love you as much as I

there is no one with my integrity

as much as they might try

I saved and waited

and to me hence to there came but none

as slowly my heart was ground to powder

and my will to none

but just as I was about to break

just as my promise to

a nameless, faceless one

I was about to break

I saw your light

and I felt your warmth

and I knew that I just had to

just had to

stay the course

and stand up strong

and be the man

you’d see

standing amidst the waves

waiting for the one

come let me hold you

come let us dance

don’t wait any longer

take nothing to chance

I am here waiting

only for you

but time is swiftly passing

the sun is burning the dew

and I may not be here forever

I may say adieu

and I may be gone

as quickly as I came back to you

reach out in boldness

take my hand, dear

let me reach out

and wipe away that tear

I will be here stronger

each passing year I promise

and nothing will tear us apart again

ever again – I promise


lie with me

look at the stars

eternity future is waiting to be ours

seasons move forward their paths

ever encroaching

and evil and distraction

are as ever so poaching

but believe in my strength

and do not let me pass by

don’t worry,

the mysteries will reveal


reveal all in time

for now is the moment

to claim me as yours

I was made to belong to you

I am so completely thine.



mbl 11/22/09

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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