Would That Be Too Sensual?














sometimes I think

what it would be like

to walk with you down

a windswept street

full of autumn leaves

and feel the warmth

of your hand in mine

but that

might be

too sensual…


sometimes I wonder

what it would be like

to steal a kiss

while no one’s looking

and taste and feel

the softness of your lips

but that

might be

too sensual?


Sometimes I think

though you are so, so far away

that I can not just sense

but smell you

your perfume and

of course

natures own as well

but I should not say

or speak no more

for that

might be

too sensual!


and I have wondered

how many swirls are in the pupils of your eyes

and what the color’s intensity might be

for me

to see how you feel for me

in there

as I hold you close

to kiss away each tear that therein forms

softly and tenderly

as even more come forth

but I really shouldn’t

talk about that

for that

might be

too sensual


And I confess

with a sheepish grin

what it would be like to hold you in my arms

and listen to your heart

and count it’s quickened cadence

as I might

run my fingers through your hair

and breath your air

as you in turn hear mine pump

ever harder

for you as well


oh, dear

that just might

very well be

too sensual


I’ve wondered what it would be like

to get drunk on you

and lost and found with

only you in view

to do those things that only lovers do

with you

and trust with everything I have

no reservations given

that you will keep and protect me

and not deny me

one more night and one more day

I’ve wondered what it would be like

for you to say

and make a promise to be mine

and give to me everything that is thine

your life

your health

you being

your soul

our complete unity

in ever way: our goal

to find

you were there

so all along

my soulmate calling

ready to be my all

but these years –

they stole so much

but not


for I stopped one day

and thought

is that all?

or is there something back with her

that I overlooked

and investigate I did

to find you, here

thinking of me as well

and you did not at all

think it to be

too sensual


For that

I admit

must be the key

for lovers

to run for eternity

to not hesitate

but just for a moment

and think it too much

Oh, girl – I don’t

not at all


but standing from here

I still can’t tell

I’m just looking for you

at the bottom of a wishing well

will you come

and not too late

with you own heart

will you confess “Checkmate”?

and find the one

I thought was lost

in you?


I know

it’s probably wrong

on some level

to think this way

but hey.

I’ve always been a fool for you

that’s nothing new

there was never anything askew

for me with you

all was always true

Oh, but if you only knew

what you

do to me

when I see

when I think

when I place my self

upon that brink

and think of you

and sense you all

oh, my

oh, my

so sensual

but not so wrong

as it might be

to ever chase anyone but thee

protect me know

as I think purer thoughts

(at least for now)

but I confess

it’s such a thought

to weave and dodge not

yet another thought

and feel and sense you

in more dimensions

then is legal with these

present pretentions

but that won’t stop me

at least each time

to wonder what a kiss

for you would be like

in time

Oh, you are a guilty pleasure

this much is true

but my heart it beats so strong

so stong so true

and only,





so let your mind go

and your heart

don’t hesitate to think of me

and only such in part

for I too have so much to give

and nothing to hold back

as if by sieve.

I’ve everything to give

don’t stop

don’t wonder

don’t hesitate


might be too late

to be my everything

to be my all

let me be more then just your friend

to sense me all

and dive into my own true heart

and for you play the lovers part

not just for habit

nor just for fun

but because it was fate’s story

for us to be one

that I would be your one and only

for ever more

your soulmate


your candy store

hid in a place

you might not expect

but that once found

you’d not regret

faithful I can be

and to a “t”

but can you

will you

feel me?

Don’t just think

let it all go


don’t be afraid

to sense me all

baby you know

it’s all good

for us

to be





About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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