Dance With Me







Come now, please take my hand;

I’ve been waiting for so long.

The band is ready and they’re all in tune

Restless – ready to play our song.


Whatever shall they play for us

I know not what nor how the length

to concentrate on such arcane details

its not the “what” that is the strength


Neither do I know the roads that brought you here

to this dance floor, here, I see

I only know that here in deed you are

silently, waiting, only with me


perhaps, I will be so very much the klutz

and I’ll only dance upon your feet

I’ve never been one to be so graceful

others at this sort – are so much more so neat


but that is not the way the game is played

there are other dynamics at work

a higher hand, He guilds our moves

like a mechanic, he knows the torque.


And so with nervous breath and pursed lips therewith

I hold your hand so steady

you and I – let’s start this dance

I’ve waited, so very long – I’m ready….




mbl 2.1.10

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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