Only Time





O N L Y    T I M E


Only time

only time

will tell

If what you’ve sewn will grow

and only time

will tell

if its true –

that which you thought you knew

only time

will tell

all the secrets that you know

of yourself

and other

and those wounds that you won’t show

only time

will tell

the destination of this trip

through hell and fire hath gone this ship

only time

will tell

who will live and who will die

who will laugh and who will cry

those who’ll suffer – those who’ll strengthen

in the time of their affliction

others driven to distraction

to run from truth stanger that fiction

shall I names here boldly mention?

it’s not for me to ever tattle

for there’s hell to pay, I hear the rattle

of a last breath drawn before a battle

Yes, another’s voice shall tell the tale

listen to it now, truth shall prevail

and only time

only time

will tell

the tale


012400 m




About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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