On Dinner This Tuesday

O N   D I N N E R

T H I S    T U E S D A Y


A quick question, Might I ask

If it be not Absurd –

(Who would have ever dreamed or heard)

Of talent so keen, yet hid –

That no one ever knew or said,

“That girl can cook!

And man!

And How!”

(But Quiet about that for now.)


Yes, my question:

I beg of thee –

answer me, yes,

answer me, now –

Shall it be of chicken?

Or shall it be it of Cow?

(What splendid feast do you fix now?)


For want of info

I beg  you this:

To tell me quietly,

Please tell me this;

What are you fixing?

That I might bring

A flavor of bread?

So I shall sing:

‘Be it Onion or Wheat,

or other flavor to which to treat?’


A cask of wine?

would that be fine?

spirits from the cellar

to pass our time?


Your servant begs the question –

That I might bring the right suggestion

(suitiable for your digestion)

and yes

to complement your meal.

not one more moment of your time

intend I to steal –

Your Servant,

I beg.

I kneel.

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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