Ode to a Webmaster





O D E   T O   A   W E B M A S T E R





What in the World is that?

Sounds like someone who would never know

how to swing a bat.




What in the World are they?

Just another something

to rot your mind away


Keyboards, Monitors,

Zip Drives and Memory

Take credit cards to places

that are not so heavenly.


I thought I’d find a life here –

a job with security.

Looks like I’ll be on prozac

for all eternity.


I used to write great poetry

Now I just write code.

Java Script and CGI

all stuff best left unknowed


Macs and windows.

Unix and NT

Can you guess which one doesn’t

run on a PC?


What does the sun Look like?

Do I even care?

I can’t remember when I took a shower

or changed my underware


This life is not for every one

In fact it’s not for me

I gonna go sell roses

On the streets of Tennessee.





About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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