Sweet As In Honey – Tart As In Wine


# 27


S W E E T   A S   I N    H O N E Y

T A R T   A S   I N   W I N E



Oh dearest love, this much is true

I need you so deeply

So profoundly I do

But understanding completely

the issue  at heart

Knowing you have no favor for me

neither favor in part


I set myself as glass

tempered and strong

as in this manner there is no offence

I engender no wrong


Walk away from me darling,

and I’ll fade from thy veiw

Turn your back to my love

and I shall turn that way too.


If you see me grow distant

then know this thing true

You’re only as far from me

as I am to you.


Come closer and see, I come closer to you

step back and see, I step back also too

And put your lips to the Glass

and there you’ll find mine

Sweet as in honey

Tart as in wine


And if you came close and you looked in my eyes

If you cast off your fear and those things you despise

If you’re  real and you show it with tears on your cheek

You’ll see upon my heart what your love hath so wreaked


To desire you and need you and claim you as mine

yet to walk away empty each and every damn time

As to not offend you this thing I must do

to walk away silent as does morning dew


I am an offense to you – this I do know

To know that I love you and yet cannot show

Is harder for this heart to burden to walk in and live

And only Through God’s mercy does it timber’s not give.


Though broken and humbled it doth still remain

alive and unhindered, my love is the same

Hidden and quiet set aside from thy view

yet alive and so thunderous, if you only but knew


Your friend is what I shall ever, ever remain

these tears upon these cheeks so wet as in rain.


And so I follow these rules that you have set down

and manage in my sorrow to not ever drown

And If I am careful, then you I cannot offend

And your heart’s tattered members shall then slowly mend

to only come close to thee when thyself hath come near

to be near you; so rarely –  if ever –  but then.


But should you in that moment –

come closer still more

Should favor for me knock at thy hearts sacred door,

You could put your lips to the Glass

for there  you’d find mine

Sweet as in honey

Tart as in wine.



10.06.00 mbl




About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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