I Asked About the Women






I asked a wizened sailor

upon the beach one day.

What it is about a woman

that drives us men to stray


he looked down with great consternation

a furled brow did see

a young man posing questions

on a beach encroached by sea.


He paused and drew his pipe out

And lit it as he stood.

And coughed as he sighed,

“this will take some time

But You’ll get it son, because I could.”


There are women of sight out there my boy

your tender eyes may see

With hair in curls and eyes of pearls,

right cuties they all be.


Others are full of books my boy

with minds as sharp as tacks

Conversation and laughs wisdom and maps

more knowledge then you’d believe.


But do not follow after these things my son

There’s so much more to be had

Then looks and smarts

more to a dog then barks

Listen closely these words young lad.



If you search for a while

and you make it a style to look careful

at what another discards


Your eyes will then see things

that before they were blind too

And you’ll see God hand in your cards


There are women of a nature

That speaks not of the rapture

of femininity as it is known

But of depth of spirit

and knowledge of Writ

The most important of all things thus known.


They are rare but you’ll find them

capture the heart: a kings ransom

young man On their table you’ll dine.

Keep and protect them

Love and delect them

For their love is much sweeter than wine.






About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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