Double You Dot


# 22







TCP slash IP

Binding Protocol

Can you see so plainly

I have no life at all?


Double you,

double you,

double you dot

What the Freakin’ com

How can I replace the life I lost

When they turned the Internet on


You see I have no family

You see I have no freinds

And even if I’ll talk to you

well, see – that just depends


Are you on the internet?

Is your Modem on?

If You think you’ve seen it bad before

Then see how far I’ve Gone


R. I. S. C.  chip,

Pentium MMX three,

I don’t talk any dumb chit chat

Only TCP


I met a girl once,

a girl once before

But she turned out to be kinda slow

she was a 14.4


I met another one soon after, she was  a 28

But I looked around

and left in laughter

to get a better rate


Then there was this other girl

I think a 36

But she was kinda  slow in the head

So I  found a 56


Now this girl you see, she was faster

I think she had been around

Her downloads were quicker too

and funnier, I thought I’d found


But then There was this other girl

she was I.S.D.N

Dual Channels baby, she was so bad

I think she was a sin


And Then I met you baby

Your’e a fast access T1

Faster then I thought you’d be

For me – you’re just the One



Don’t Worry at all my love,

I belong only just to Thee

Unless that Girl accross the room

Is a freakin’ fast T3



matthew lipscomb  4/19/00

About hollerscholar

I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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