A Beautifully Strange Rune – or – All Day and All Night, Only for You.








– or –










how could I ever
speak then
there thus
and not so
as to ever
make ever
such fuss –

of things that came
and then those that went
all of a summer’s full energies
that were so foolishly spent

chasing ghosts
and their own ill-placed hearts
that never relinquished
(all the stories they tried to tell)
in full or in part
never fully distinguished

the tales of truth
(- they were so often lies)
that started and ended
each refrain in ‘why’s’

but, yes,
that is so the nature
the nature of those such games
that tempt and go, yes – those kinds: such flames

burning as they do
in and within a young man’s heart
as he reached out
to say
and start

oh – won’t you, yes
won’t you
take just
it would not take any
any great expanse
yes only
a courageous, strong stance:)

only the vulnerability
of a tender heart
to reach
and meet
and engage the part

that would simply let a heart say:
I’m here – and you?
is a simple friendship ‘tween us; a “can do”?

or are the weeds of fate set to clog the purpose
and once again serve only thereby to divert us

cast us away from our own greater purpose:
to find and embrace true friendship
and thereby divert us

from the once sure fate of a life lived alone
empty and hollow
as flesh stripped from bone

give me your glance
and in thus speak to me such life
that I would find such energy
and walk in it, despite

yes, despite all the rain that comes after me hither.
with a strong friend
a man’s soul won’t wither

but send down roots deep within the rock
and in that strength for each day
take stock

and gain the strength that he can only find
in such few women
help meet,
(könnte dann ich schwimme)

oh, yes the foolishness of poetry it is such a waste
but I’ve got reams of it
if you’ve got the taste

take a chance now
I’m here
my own hand extended

if you took a chance
and read this
and my time
at a chance with you
has not ended

I’m here
innocent but strong as an ox
simple – but complicated
not confined to a box

come hither
be bold
and yes see
if there’s potential
if it could be
a little something magic
a little something in the air
a little time for the essential

maybe the finding of a pair
if that chance for such be found
then heavens grace would sing the tune
and then resonate in the sound

and carve in a long, lost rock
a beautifully strange new rune
for loves deep mystery
not a moments too soon

can put – make a step, a sure gait
and set aside all the banter
of silly, little love songs
that off-set desire’s canter

don’t stop
please don’t wait
for there, in the end
can only be one
I’m not one to pretend

and, yes, I’m tattered
and forlorn
I’ve been bent
but never broken
bused and rough shorn

but I’ve sailed on
through these rough seas each night
trying with all my heart
my soul
and my might

in hopes that just maybe
I’d catch the eye of someone,
just like you
(and to whom I’d never
never never have to someday say

but that is a chance
one that I’ll gladly take
risk foolishness
for treasure
for not for foolishness’s sake

there’s wisdom in such folly
this is widely well known
be a fool for a great woman
you might never be ‘lone

for if her fancy you catch there
guard it ever jealously so
and treat each day as precious
care greatly what you sow

for a great woman is a man’s treasure
yes, and everyone knows
selfishness leads to loneliness and loneliness;

but true love is a deep gift
and true friendship
the right
of all who guard
and do what is right

walk upright
and speak gently
and don’t bruise the tender reed
and speak gently and softly
yes of each true heart’s need

and so I will end this
yes this silly poem
(as it unravels,)
and wonder, as I hit send
were oft it shall travel

don’t take too much thought
nor too little too late
I’m here
and I’m waiting
move softly
I’m awake

yes, I seek a treasure
I’m confidently aware
but will turn aways quickly
I promise I won’t stare

but if you think me somewhat worthy
of a chance to say “hi”
then take a moment and respond
and don’t just say “bye”

bless me
I ask you
with just one simple

that all this silly poetry
was not just for nought

uncork me and let me
be a poet true
for I could do this all day and all night
yes, only




-mbl 2.8.10

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I'm a theology & philosophy student, writer, web developer, and medical laboratory professional.
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